How is it that Jimmy Fallon manages to get his guests to take the unmerciful mick out of themselves?

It might have something to do with the fact that his show is now one of the biggest talk shows on US television and regularly does huge numbers both online and on TV. Last night, however, was pretty immense.

Fallon had crooner Lionel Richie on and, sure enough, couldn't resist having a little sing-song with him. He's Lionel Richie, right?

Together, the two recreated Richie's 1983 hit, Hello, and the infamous music video with the blind lady.

Take a look.


We're also loving Fallon's wig, which is pretty spot-on when compared to the original. Here's the original, by the way, for comparative purposes. Still a tune. We'd also like to see Fallon have Meat Loaf on to recreate any of his videos because they too were pretty incredible.


Via YouTube