No doubt you've seen this already, but here it is again in case you haven't.

Dave Duggan decided to tell his friends - correction, his clearly jockeyed friends - a little story about two redheads he meet and a party at 623 King St.

Take a look.

Now, for all you cynics and whatnot, here's how he did it.

Essentially, it's all down to a tampered deck. What you can't necessarily see in the video is that one of the cards was bent, which Dave had marked and memorised.

He then shuffles the cards a few times to make it look random, but in reality, he knows the exact order of the cards at any given time.

It's not knocking him - it's a damn hard thing to remember the order of cards and be able to shuffle them whilst keeping a story going.

Here's a video that shows you how to carry it all off, if you fancy.