Christmas is here, and the stress of buying gifts doesn't stop once you've actually got the bloody thing in your hand. 

It keeps going after that, to the point where you have to wrap it, hand it over, and await the reaction of your loved (semi-liked) one to the object that you spent your time and money on.

After actually getting the gift, the most difficult part is wrapping it neatly so that it looks like it wasn't mauled by a hungry and investigative bear who moved off once he realised it wasn't honey. Well, thanks to this helpful video that shows a gift wrapping hack, you can now blast through that process like a pro in just 12 seconds.

Yeah, you've been doing it wrong this whole time. The key is to attack it at an angle, placing your gift inside the wrapping paper, folding up two corners of it, flip the paper, and fold up the last two corners. Job done, more time freed up for Christmas wine.

You can (drunkenly) thank us later.

Via i100