When it comes to dental hygiene, one of the areas that a lot of people tend to leave off the list is flossing.

Mainly, that's because people see it as a bit of a chore, difficult to do and also time consuming. However, none of those things are actually true, as demonstrated by Dr. Carlos Meulener, who shows you how to use floss properly.

With his technique, you can have "a happy dental life", which we didn't realise was a thing up until we heard Dr. Meulener mention it in this video.

Despite being published back in 2011, the video has been getting a lot of attention and gone viral in the last few days, probably because it contains some useful information, but we reckon it could have been an even bigger success if Carlos had just added a cat into the mix. People love cats.

Anyway, everyone should floos, it's good for your teeth and your heart.

Via The Telegraph