We know that Ireland's biggest UFC star tends to eat pretty well given the type of shape that he's in, but we didn't know this was on the menu.

As an athlete at the absolute top of his game, Conor McGregor eats well, trains hard and is psychologically prepared for pretty much anything. However, on a trip to Iceland back in 2013 to train at Mjölnir MMA, he was treated to a sample of the local cuisine which looked to be a bit too much even for him.

Both he and Chris Fields decided to try the delicacy that is a sheep's head, and while we're not so sure that we'd try that on for size at any time, Conor does raise the salient point that "this is a bit much first thing in the morning". He's probably right about that. 

While McGregor struggles away, the young lad who comes in to the video about the 3:30 mark has no problem chomping down on some sheeps's tongue. It's all about perspective.