And not just any NFL star, it's only a bleedin' punter. 

For many, the place of the punter in the NFL is somewhere down near the bottom of the totem pole. No one expects to see you working out in the gym, getting in to incredible physical shape, once you can absolutely boot the ball down the pitch, then they're happy.

New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford doesn't care about that though; ain't nobody got time to be out of shape when you're a professional athlete, at least not in his book, and he proves it by looking like this all the time. By this we mean ripped to bits.

In a special report with Rick Reilly of ESPN, he decided to give the sports channel a look at what his daily routine is like, and it includes several hours in a hyperbaric chamber, as you do. We also get an idea of his strict diet, and some of the workouts that he does on a daily basis. One that he doesn't do every day is bench pressing a journalist, but he decided that he would for the occasion. Putting the press, in bench press, if you will.  

So we're off to go to the gym and eat vegetables because we feel terrible about ourselves.

Via SB Nation