We've oven heard the saying that someone built a house with their own two hands, but we've never heard of anyone lifting one with them...

Cue Elbrus Nigmatullin, a 41-year-old Russian strongman who did just that recently, although it wasn't literally with his hands, if you want to get pedantic. This is the internet, so we'll just presume that yes, you want to be a pedant. 

Anyway, he strapped a chain to his back, and then went about pulling a whole god damn house, so if you have any further questions about it, then we invite you to address them to Elbrus. 

For his next trick, Nigmatullin is headed to Feodosia wioth fellow strongman Jamshid Ismatilaevym to try and pull a ship that weights about 1.5 tonnes. Best of luck to the lads. 

Via BroBible