We're not saying this is incontrovertible evidence of UFOs or anything, but you've got to admit that it's damn weird.

This footage, captured by popular YouTuber Julien Somolita, shows a strange light travelling across the Los Angeles skyline before it turns into a massive sheen of blue light that can be seen from almost anywhere.

In fact, the light was so big that it could be seen from all across Los Angeles and Orange County with many reports being called into the Orange County Police Department. Here's the video itself. Skip to around 1:15 for the good stuff.

RIGHT? As you can imagine, the video's gone viral very quickly. An official report by the Orange County Police Department is, as you'd expect, a lot more innocuous than aliens.

According to them, the weird blue light was confirmed to be a unarmed missile test by the US Navy. In fact, Los Angeles' LAX had a diversion notice for planes flying in over the Pacific whilst the Pentagon announced that the sighting was a Trident II (D5) Missile fired from the Ohio-class submarine USS Kentucky.


Of course, the reason why so many people are skeptical is because all this information came out after the fact. What do you think? Aliens, comet or a missile test? Let us know in the comments!


Via YouTube