Batman: Arkham Knight is a game that has the Man Cave giddily excited like a schoolgirl, and we're not afraid to admit it. 

This latest trailer has done little to dull our enthusiasm for it either, given just how good the previous two games were (we're discounting Origins due to the fact that it was from a different studio and was, frankly, a touch disappointing), and it focuses on one of the most anticipated new features of the next installment in the franchise, the Batmobile. 

For the first time in an Arkham game, we'll get our hands on Batman's iconic car, which in recent versions both on screen and in the literature has been transformed into a tank of sorts, and this version is no different. 

While there looks to be a lot more shooting involved than we've come to associate with Batman and his strict moral code, this trailer does showcase that the game is going to be done to a huge scale (possibly the reason it has been delayed until June of 2015) and that the graphics are going to be superb. Feast your eyes on it below, as the Dark Knight tries to get past a load of tanks to infiltrate the Ace Cehmica:

Hurry up June.