Have you been spending your mornings wishing that there was a much more complicated way to put your trousers on that involved not using your hands? Then we have the video for you. 

A YouTube user from China has uploaded one of the weirdest yet most intriguing viral videos yet, with his demonstration of how to put on your pants without needing to use your hands. 

Yes, it's bizarre, but it's also strangely hypnotic. He also looks to have bruised himself a few times in attempting this (or else he plays football without shin pads), so maybe don't try to replicate it at home.

Could this great genius of our time perhaps have invented the new art of unstripping? Maybe, only time will tell, but remember folks, he's just like the rest of us, he puts his pants on one leg at a time. Except he doesn't use his hands...

Via BuzzFeed