As the world mourns the loss of one of the greatest sportspeople in history, a lot has been made of Muhammad Ali's incredible talents in the ring.

Another aspect of Ali's persona was his incredible wit and humour, something he used regularly when driving down his opponents. If it wasn't for his maxims, proverbs and catchphrases, it was his self-awareness as one of the greatest of all time.

In this clip from Candid Camera back in 1974, on the run-up to his battle against George Foreman in Zaire, the champ has a bit of fun with some school children in New York's Greenwich Village. As you'll see in the clip, Ali makes his way into the classroom - disguised as a janitor - just as the children are being interviewed about their opinions on him.

Take a look.

It's clear that last kid was trying his best to seriously interview him and the other child, you just know he wanted to say 'OH SH*T' when Ali walked in.

What a champ and what a loss.


Via YouTube