Nothing is better than that Friday feeling, but getting there can be rough, especially on the day itself. 

But you're not in it alone. We're here to help you get there.

Waiting for Friday to come can feel endless. It's always so close but yet so far. 


Trying to get to that place where you can just chill and be free can be very challenging.


But once it comes around, there really is no better feeling.


Run and leap into the weekend like Libby here and BE FREE.


And once you've made your clean break, you're free to spend your weekend doing whatever you want, be that chillin' and relaxin' and actin' all cool...


Or jumping into leaves like a total fool.


One guaranteed way to start your Friday off right is to follow this girls example and dance it out like no one's watching while waiting for a train. You might not get the same reaction but that shouldn't stop you.


Alternatively, you can just lay back and relax in a hammock, provided you can get into it. Or enjoy watching someone else repeatedly try and get into one, which is equal amounts of fun.


Whatever it is you do, be like Oscar here who is the true epitome of that Friday Feeling. Jumping for bubbles and living his best life. You can't get more Friday than that.