Henry Cavill’s moustache is #ShavedButNotForgotten

The Superman actor posted a gas video on Instagram today announcing that, after what has felt like an eternity, he has shaven off that famous moustache that caused so much trouble (you know, the one he had to keep for the production of Mission Impossible 6 and then had digitally removed for Justice League, which made his mouth in the movie look super creepy).

Appearing in a bathrobe and towel, he opens the video saying: “Oh, hello. Don’t be alarmed. It’s me, Henry Cavill. Sometimes superhero, sometimes secret agent, but now, completely clean shaven.”

He then reflects as he looks longingly in the mirror, “I know. It's hard to recognise me without KingStache. Sometimes I even have trouble recognising myself.”

He continues: “It's hard for me to admit: this is not CGI. He's really gone. I can tell you this though. I will remember him, always.” Then, to top it all off, there's an emotional montage.



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