As fans of GTA Online will tell you, this has been a very long time coming.

Heists were initially set to launch just a month or two after GTA Online debuted. Of course, Rockstar had to contend with various hacks being exploited in the online service - unlimited money, invincible cars - so that obviously slowed them down.

Now, almost a year after its release, GTA Online Heists are confirmed for early 2015.

The new multiplayer mode will see a team of four to five players take on different missions in preparation one of five heists. Depending on who's in charge, you'll receive a payment for each mission completed - although you'll more than likely receive a smaller cut of the overall loot at the end.

Players can take a different role in each heist and they can played over and over again. Don't like being the heist leader? You can be the getaway driver instead.

Rockstar believe you'll get up to at least 20 hours of gameplay out of the mode and best of all? It's totally free.

Here's the trailer. Get your ski-masks ready.