Somewhere, Jennifer Lawrence is doing a jig, saying "Thank GAWD it wasn't me for once." That or she'd doing a jig, saying: "B*tch totally stole my thing!"

The 24-year-old actress took a tumble at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City after her rather large Tom Ford dress got caught up under her feet. The Nashville star was making her way out (worth noting) of the annual event, held by Anna Wintour, when she stepped on the back of her dress and toppled over. Yep, it was totally the dress's fault.

At least she elegantly saved herself from landing on the ground and revealing more than intended, before guffawing her head off.  As you can see, she then tentatively continued down the steps, ensuring she hitched up her frock lest she make the same mistake again.

The Met Gala: the good, the not so good, and the somewhat befuddling....

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