Four minutes doesn't sound like a lot, but when you consider that the average One Direction song is shorter than that and that four minutes of not singing on stage at a concert that's only 90 minutes long is quite a significant percentage of the gig, it becomes more meaningful.

Add in the fact that Styles had to battle with the sound of tens of thousands of screaming girls and what we imagine is significant hearing problems thanks to years of said screaming girls, it's quite a Herculean effort. But one thing he is not is a quitter.

Styles and the rest of his One D bandmates were in Manchester last week when he decided to single out any birthday boys/girls in the audience for a special 'Happy Birthday' but became frustrated when one birthday girl's name became impossible to figure out. At first attempting to figure out via the crowd's screaming, he gave up and called her 'Trevor' before relenting and getting her to spell out her name with her hands after four minutes of effort.

Let's just be glad her name was only five letters long or he could have been there all day.

Via Mashable