Ordinarily, if we got a personalised video from Harry Styles asking us to leave our brand new husband, we'd be tempted. Thankfully, for everyone involved, he wasn't looking the best, which must've made the decision for one Tash Gershfield slightly easier - assuming she's not into 14-year-old Amish runaways.

The 25-year-old London bride faced what many would deem a Sophie's Choice type scenario when she was presented with the below video on her wedding day. According to The Mirror: "As estate agent James, 25, got to his feet to begin his speech at London's Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, he unveiled the video to his shocked bride. 'He stood up and said 'Before I start my speech, I want to test Tash to see how much she really loves me.' The video was projected up and I got such a shock when Harry appeared on the screen, asking me to pick him instead of James'."

James wisely showed Tash the video just after she'd said "I do". If she'd clocked the video before the nupitals themselves, who knows what may have happened - although, as Harry mumbles, "Annulments are pretty cheap these days and usually happen pretty fast."

Watch the full video here.