Ah Harry, y'ole romantic. He only loves giving a hand when it comes to making his female fans happy beyond their wildest dreams.

You may recall he came to the aid of a groom who had just married a hard core Harry Styles fan... Well, this time he took the time to message a guy who wanted to propose to his girlfriend during a One Direction gig. How did that come about? Harry clocked Bradley's #1Dproposal post on twitter and got in touch. Sound.

Here's what happened next. By the by, if you're wearing headphones, you may want to turn down the volume on account of all the screeching.

Presumably Bradley sat on his girlfriend all day resulting in her being unable to use any internet accessible devices - that or she was in on the proposal from the beginning. Either way, lots of screaming fans were made extremely happy to the point of only making noises small terriers can hear.

Via heatworld.com