Being Harry Styles must be difficult enough already, what with not being able to go anywhere without being recognised, getting stalked by paparazzi and having every aspect of his life talking about incessantly by the press, but we never actually thought about the guilt he may or may not have to live with when fans go OTT over him and hurt themselves. But it turns out Harry is actually such a sounder that he never has to worry about that, as he's rescuing fans on the daily.

What happened yesterday is pretty much a Directioner's wet dream.

Harry was coming out of a shop in Soho, New York, and was typically being hounded by fans and paps alike, when one fan got caught in the crossfire and took a pretty hard fall straight to the ground.

Now many would say this is par for the course when you're hunting down a celeb and battling with photographers and other fans, and Harry easily could have absolved himself of the whole thing and just left, but instead he comes to the rescue and gets the girl back on her feet (and presumably made her head explode with joy).

Of course, the paps continue to shout and take photos, trying to egg Harry into doing or saying something valuable to them.

In short, paparazzi are still scum, Harry is a white knight, and this girl will probably never was those clothes or herself ever again.