As a brand of true, outstanding quality, Hackett have an eye for detail that starts from the top, with Jeremy Hackett himself, and carries through all the stages of their design and manufacturing process.

A lot of that comes from the materials that they choose and the people that make them, which is outlined in this video by none other than the shepherd of the Hackett flock, Jeremy Hackett, who talks a little bit about the pride he has in being able to get to know his suppliers and how passionate they are about making sure their product is a cut above.

For Autumn/Winter 2015, Hackett have collaborated with Fox Brothers Mills in Somerset on a capsule collection of 12 pieces, called 'Sheep Shape and London Fashion'. A twist on the phrase "ship, shape and Bristol fashion", which means that everything is in good order and working properly, the collection uses wool, flannel and has plenty of shearling, a trend that is definitely going to be big again as we move in to the colder months of 2015.

The trend for patterned and checked suits also doesn't show any signs of disappearing either, which can be a bit of a jump to take if you're used to something a bit more plain, but it does get you noticed when you pull if off with confidence. It adds a classic and smart element to your suit without being loud and over the top.

The collection won't be in stores until August (starting with Sloane Street in London), so we still have some time between now and then to sort our our Spring/Summer wardrobe first, thankfully.