You know how some people 'live in the gym'? Yeah, well not like this guy.

Nicholas Clayton, of Clearwater, Florida, was in his local LA Fitness enjoying the sauna, but unfortunately for him he didn't realise the gym's closing time was 5.00pm.

You'd think the staff would have checked the sauna, bathrooms, and basically every area of the gym in case of unknowing members, or, you know, thieves. Seemingly, that's not the case.

Clayton, who had his headphones on during closing time, decided it'd be a good idea to record himself so he could post a video on Facebook, because that's the first thing you need to do.


So, craziest thing of my life is taking place right this minute. I'VE BEEN LOCKED IN THE LA FITNESS! Was in the sauna with headphones. Came out. Everyone has gone home. #help #LAFitness #baffled

Posted by Nicholas Clayton on Saturday, 22 August 2015

Calling your mom, recording yourself, and publishing on Facebook? I'm sure in some world these are more important than calling the management of the gym and getting yourself out without setting off an alarm, but it's not this world.

He did manage(somehow) to free himself from the gym prison by calling another LA Fitness who gave him directions out of the gym, the exit door unsurprisingly. 

It'd be an awful movie, Nicholas I mean the worst. We're talking United Passions level of bad. What type of movies are you watching? 

Via Mashable