A breakup can be a tough thing to get through, in particular if the relationship lasted for a long time. 

That's certainly the case for this eBay seller in Germany, who decided that the best way to get over his ex, named Laura, was to saw all of their joint possessions in half and then sell them online. When we say all, we mean all. Everything. Even the car. 

Pic via eBay

In fairness, he is only asking for €55 for it, which isn't that bad. If you've ever wanted to own a half a bed, only the front wheel and handlebars of a bike or four half chairs that would presumably form half a dining set, then he's the man to talk to. 

Pics via eBay

Here's a video of the man himself cutting everything in half, and we have to say that he has done a remarkably accurate job here. The clean, straight lines are almost artistic, in a way. The opening message also says "thanks for 12 'happy' years, Laura", which could well be sarcastic, we think. 

Anyway, we'd like to wish him the best of luck with the selling and eh...there are plenty more fish in the sea or something? 

Via Metro.co.uk