We're not going to sit here and tell you we wouldn't be afraid of a haunted house, we're not that tough.

But what we will say is there's two things we'd generally think of before going in. Firstly, do we have to go? Surely there's a way of weaseling out of this.

Secondly, if we're forced to go, we're not bringing anyone who'll see us crying little a baby in the corner at the first sound of danger. Namely, our friends, and more importantly, our girlfriend.

Unfortunately for this guy, he didn't think of that. What's worse is a camera caught him freaking out, and shows two guys having to come rescue him. Of course it's now gone viral. Best of luck living this one down.

If his reaction wasn't enough to make her think twice about the relationship, the fact he used her as a human shield might have done.

Via UniLad