So often we see people complaining about bad experiences they've had with services or well-known brands.

For one, it's really shown how quickly these brands are willing to move quickly if there's any fear of embarrassment for their public persona. But it's also become... well... a bit boring. Australia's Teg Sethi, however, has come up with a brand new concept.

A music video complaint. That's right.

Teg recently bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee for the princely sum of AUS$60,000 from Fiat Chrysler Australia and, as he describes it, has had nothing but trouble since he got it. Instead of posting a lengthy rant on Facebook or doing the dot-at symbol thing on Twitter, Teg decided to drop hot fire on Fiat Chrysler by cutting a demo track about his experiences.

Take a look.

If that doesn't get a response, nothing will. Also, that's actually a sick beat and an innovative way of letting everyone know how crap those jeeps are.

Most people usually just put a poorly-written rant on Facebook and urge people to share it until the next thing comes along.

This, on the other hand, this thing could chart. Maybe get Macklemore to do the follow-up single, "I Bought A Dishwasher And It Ruined My Kitchen."


Via YouTube