Winter is coming, and so are the groundhogs (for your ear lobes).

Things didn't exactly go as planned in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin during their Groundhog Day celebrations yesterday after their local groundhog Jimmy bit the mayor's ear.

The general rule (and by rule we mean fairytale belief) of Groundhog Day is that Bill Murray is cursed to repeat it until he becomes a nice guy and Andie MacDowell loves him if the groundhog emerges from its burrow, sees its shadow and goes back in, then wintery weather is going to stay around for another six weeks. If it doesn't, then we're all good. But in this case we guess what's being foretold is that we're all doomed to an eternal winter and that the animals are re-taking the Earth?

This would have been a much better video if 'I Got You Babe' accompanied it.

Via AP News