Graham Norton is celebrating 20 years of his chat show The Graham Norton Show – and can we just say, we want many more to come!

The host appeared on This Morning to chat about his epic series and revealed some behind the scenes stories we always wondered about, like how did Mark Wahlberg get so drunk that time, and what was it like interviewing Carrie Fisher just two weeks before her tragic death?

Norton revealed that two big A-list celebrities he has never had on his show are Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt (surely it’s only a matter of time, right?). He also talked about the devious and raunchy Miriam Margolyes – and if you haven’t seen her interviews on the show, go watch them on Youtube now because they are gut-wrenchingly funny – and had high praise for Tom Cruise.

You can watch the This Morning interview here and be reminded of what a pro Norton truly is.