Pokémon in real life? No, not really, but Google's April Fools' prank this year is one that Pokémon fans are going to eat up by the truck-load.

Teaming up with Nintendo, Google Maps dropped 150 Pokémon around the world on their mobile platforms, so if you're an iOS or Android user, just fire up your Google Maps, have a little scroll and get hunting. You'll find your first one at St. Stephen's Green, but after that you're on your own. Google are going to be giving away hints all day via Google Maps accounts on social media (so unfortunately you may just have to use Google+ again. We know. Unfortunate.).

And what's your reward for catching 'em all? Well if you're one to believe Google today (and you really, really shouldn't), anyone who finds all 150 Pokémon by April 2nd will be invited to Google HQ to compete for the new job as resident Pokémon Master.

If only Google, if only...

Via YouTube