Grab yisser headphones, for Colin Farrell is lending his dulcet tones to a virtual tour of Dublin Rising 1916-2016. 

Google invite you to step back in time to the streets, events, and people who shaped history... It's sometimes eery, very compelling, and - above all - informative. 

Speaking at the launch earlier today, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “2016 is an important year that allows us to explore and understand the events not only of 1916, but the subsequent events that led to the establishment of our independent state. In acknowledging our past, we are creating stronger foundations for a more vibrant and shared future. I want to congratulate Google, Ireland 2016 and the cultural partners who have come together to create this unique online experience."

Of his involvement Farrell added: "Growing up in Dublin, the events of 1916 are a key part of our schooling and culture and I'm glad now that anyone around the world can learn more about it and see why it had such an impact on modern day Ireland just by picking up their phone or computer."

According to UTV Ireland: "The tour was developed by Google in partnership with Ireland 2016, with expert advice from archivists and historians... As part of the experience, the National Library of Ireland has shared two significant items from their online collections. Joseph Plunkett's notebook and a draft of the notice of the rebel surrender are now also available to view online."