As much as we love Awards Season, there's one part of this time of year that really REALLY gets under our skin - E! Red Carpet coverage.

There's truly nothing more awful than watching Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest painfully interview whatever celebrity / actor / whatever that's been forced in front of them by sweaty interns racing up and down the carpet.

Case in point is Bryan Cranston's horribly-forced red carpet interview with Rancic at last night's SAG Awards. Cranston was up for a nomination for his role as Dalton Trumbo in the biopic of the blacklisted screenwriter and was quizzed about his early career by Rancic.

Pretty soon, of course, out came a vintage video clip of Cranston's early career highlight - namely, starring in Baywatch.

Bit of a dick move, unsurprisingly, by E! News. We all had crappy early jobs, but dragging up it up on a red carpet interview when the guy's due to be nominated? Not cool, Rancic.

That's almost as uncool as springing photos of them as a child actor on a boardgame.


Via YouTube / E!