Expect a crass tweet from Donald any second now.

Hadid co-hosted the American Music Awards last night with SNL's Jay Pharoah and by all accounts did the required job but has caused quite a bit of commotion this morning after impersonating future First Lady Melania Trump.

Hadid and Pharoah took on Melania and Donald in their opening monologue, with Hadid turning away and saying "I gotta get her face right" but facing the camera and delivering the following:

That's a solid impression if you ask us.

Pharoah then followed with his own impression of Donald (which you can watch below at the 4:15 minute mark), telling the audience "I love Bruno Mars. I don't know what color he is, so I can't deport him."

The two hosts actions of course piqued the attention of Twitter, with Hadid getting more heat, good and bad, for her joke than Pharoah.

And so the clown car keeps on rolling, even while everything's on fire.