If you're not sure what the Running Man Challenge is, don't worry.

Simply put, the Running Man Challenge is this year's Harlem Shake or Ice Bucket Challenge - except it involves dancing to '90s hip-hop banger My Boo from Ghost Town DJs.

The craze began in off-season basketball teams in the US, but then spread to the New Zealand Police Force and the NYPD. Now, of course, it's hit Ireland with Templemore's Garda College dancing off.

Take a look.

In fairness, the main guy at the end has some serious moves and that guy over at the side doing the leg thing is very impressive. Now let's see if the PSNI respond or if the Irish Defence Forces get in on the whole thing.

Incidentally, if anyone challenges us to this thing, forget about it - not one single person in this office can dance. At all.


Via YouTube