Exactly 3 years ago, myself and one of my best pals, Brian Maher decided to run from Limerick to Dublin, non-stop, to raise money for Special Olympics Ireland. 

Being that today is their annual collection day, we thought what better way to celebrate than to share the entire doc, made by the guys at TW Films, online for free!

Safe to say it damn nearly killed the both of us, but we still talk about it (and frankly boast about it) to this very day. 

You can see the doc in full below. 

We ended up raising tens of thousands of euros for Special Olympics Ireland. If you feel like adding to that tally and helping a great cause, simply text SPECIAL to 50300. That will allow you to directly donate 2 euro. 

The guys at TW films have since gone on to win a bunch of awards and whatnot. The talented swines.