It may officially be winter here, but once again it's time to look elsewhere to glad that the worst of the weather we've had so far this year is a slight decrease in how lovely the summer was.

News reporters and crews in Dallas, Texas were camped outside the hospital where the first confirmed patient in the United States with Ebola is being treated when a freak storm came out of nowhere only to decimate them. You can literally see them go from 'Oh that's a but of unfortunate weather' to 'Oh SH*T, OH SH*T' as the weather turns nasty (be warned, this gets loud).

Other parts of the state were also treated to bizarrely silent lightning storms, with this one in Austin looking more like a light show than a thunderstorm. Maybe keep this one away from any tin-foil hat wearers who will chalk this up to aliens having a skirmish or some such.