Earlier this week, John Oliver bought some airtime on Trinidad's TV6 to try and get his message across to former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner.

Last year ahead of the World Cup, Oliver did a piece that went viral, in which he discussed FIFA's corruption, and as a huge football fan, it's a story that he followed up as all the arrests were made just a few weeks ago. When Blatter eventually stepped down, he carried through with his promise to drink a Bud Light with Lime, something which apparently caused a spike in sales for the drink.

He also decided that he'd go a little bit further and buy some airtime on Trinidad's TV6 this week to send a special message to one of the main figures caught up in the corruption scandal, Jack Warner. 

However, it seems that Warner is not going to take Oliver's advice and start naming names, he's decided instead to hit back, calling Oliver an "American foreigner" who made fun of the way that they speak, and he can't understand why the HBO star was allowed to get a slot on the TV station.  

Jack Warner picking a personal battle with John Oliver is a brilliant thing to watch we have to say, and we hope that Oliver decides to respond again, because this can only get better from here.