Anyone that cares to read the byline of this article will know that I can readily identify with Christian Fuchs. 

It's not easy living with a funny surname. As my cousin once pointed out, the real pain comes from "the endless times you need to repeat it, spell it, and generally lose the will to live." 

Christian Fuchs has been a Leicester City player for about 18 months now. He's a Premier League winner and an Austrian International with almost eighty caps to his name. He's become massively popular amongst football fans thanks to his no nonsense defensive style and his embrace of the #NoFuchsGiven hashtag on Twitter.

Despite Fuchs' popularity, it seems there are still some football fans who are only now realising that his surname sounds a little bit dirty. A wonderful moment from Leicester City's 0-0 draw with Middlesborough was captured by the Sky Sports cameras yesterday and has since been shared on Twitter.  

Our favourite part is that he felt the need to share the joke with both of the spectators on either side of him. The moment, which was tweeted by Deian Sion Thomas has captured the imagination of people on Twitter with the tweet already garnering over 13,000 RTs. 

Fuchs himself has yet to comment on the tweet but given his active social media presence it's surely only a matter of time.