A short documentary, focusing on "the most isolated tribe in the world" has surfaced on YouTube. 

The video, made by LoveBite Productions,  reportedly tells the story of the tribe living on North Sentinel Island which is located in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. The indigenous people from the island are known as the Sentinelese and they are some of the most isolated people in the world due to their reported hostility towards any visitors to the island. As the narrator states, the population of the island is unknown but is estimated to be anywhere between 40 and 500 people.

As you can see from the footage, almost all known attempts of people trying to visit the island has seen them wind up either dead or fleeing from spear and arrow attacks. The majority of the footage of the tribe (which is taken from far away vantage points) sees them adopting a defensive stance. 

In 2006, tribe members reportedly murdered two fishermen who approached a North Sentinel beach. As a consequence, the Indian government have imposed a three mile perimeter around the island under penalty of law and have warned all visitors to stay away. 

Even a 2004 attempt by the Indian Coast Guard to deliver supplies following the tSumami was greeted with hostility. 

The documentary really is fascinating and is well worth a watch. 

Via Uproxx