She always did Run the World. You could also say she’s Flawless, and Irreplaceable. But that’s enough of that now.

Before Beyonce Knowles was the global superstar we know her to be today, and heck even before she joined hit pop band Destiny’s Child, she was a young girl growing up in Houston, Texas. Even at 10, she was a powerhouse performer.

According to UpROXX, auctioneer Ted Owen and Co. is selling off ‘never-before-seen’ footage of a young Beyonce ‘developing her craft that would ultimately make her the most famous pop star in the world.’

There’s reportedly 12 tapes of nearly two-and-a-half hours of ‘raw and unedited footage.’ They portray 10 year old Beyonce acting as the lead singer of her first band, Girl’s Tyme.

Here’s a vid shared from a few years back of Girl’s Tyme rocking it on Star Search:

The unreleased collection is up for sale as a part of a closed auction that runs until January 2017. The London-based auctioneer is hoping to fetch up to $3.8 million for footage of Beyonce ‘playing to the camera,’ rehearsing for a live showcase in San Francisco, and for her first music video.

If this preview is anything to go by, seeing the origins of the Queen Bee is going to be amazing:


my little diva � her voice was always deep 😅

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