I'm not sure if there's ever been a feud between two sports stars that operate in different codes, let alone when the two are from a different gender, but these two straight up don't like each other.

The beef between UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey, and owner of just about every Welterweight title in boxing, Floyd Mayweather, has gone back a while at this stage. Originally stemming from Floyd claiming to not have known who Ronda was, it was taken up another level when Rousey won the Espy's Fighter of the Year Award a few months back.

When being questioned after the award ceremony, Rousey had this to say to Mayweather, who has previously been convicted of domestic abuse.

Surprisingly, we didn't hear an immediate retort, but with him being interviewed on ESPN last night, you had a feeling a question about that quip might come up.

To be fair to the man, he was being quite dignified in his response. He wasn't winning us over, but he wasn't being his usual brash, boastful self. Unfortunately he somehow managed to throw away all of those brownie points with just seconds left on the clock. Kind of impressive really.