Floyd Mayweather's no stranger to controversy and recently made some pretty terrible comments about the Ray Rice video at a press conference.

Mayweather was interviewed on CNN's Unguarded with Rachel Nichols, where she put Mayweather on the spot about his own domestic abuse charges and his comments in support of Ray Rice.

In a interview lined up before his rematch with Marcos Maidana (Mayweather won), the boxer was asked about his comments by Rachel Nichols. 

Mayweather claimed that there was only "allegations" and "hearsay" about his own domestic abuse charges, despite the fact that he served jail time for said charges.

Not only that, several women have since come forward and said that Mayweather physically abused them which the interviewer brings up.

Mayweather netted $37 million from his win over Maidana, and when asked if he'd donate some of that money to help charities that fight domestic abuse, Mayweather replied that he'd save the money for his children.

The same children that called the police to report his domestic abuse.