Anybody remember the original Star Fox on the SNES? We sure do.

That game was incredible. It was the first honest-to-goodness space shooter on a console, unless you're one of those purists who counts Space Invaders or R-Type. It had the immersion, special effects, graphics and excitement of an actual sci-fi movie.

Sure, it was a blatant rip-off of Star Wars mixed with anthropomorphic animals - but who cared? The follow-up on the Nintendo 64, Lylat Wars, built on everything from the first one and became our go-to game outside of GoldenEye and ISS 64.

Anyway, the entire Star Fox franchise is getting a sort-of reboot on the Wii U with Star Fox Zero. The game, which sees you fly and control a variety of vehicles and ships, looks and feels like a callback to the shoot-everything-in-sight fun of the original one.

Also, check out the old music from Lylat Wars. Such memories, bless.

Star Fox Zero hits stores in April 2016.