Electric Media's inaugural 'Electric Content Festival' changed the digital advertising conference game in Dublin on June 30th when it brought festival fever to a packed South Studios as digital marketeers spent a day hearing from the best in business and having a great time doing so.

Entertainment.ie Senior Editor Mike Sheridan was on hand to guide attendees through the day as speakers from BBC Storyworks, Tumblr, The Guardian Labs and The Irish Times Content Studio gave their insights into the world of content marketing with branded content research and exceptional case studies in several sessions.

The day's events were broken up with interactive sessions from top content providers entertainment.ie, Balls.ie, Outbrain and Waterford Whispers News, who kept the digital minds of attendees ticking over with activities that ranged from a UV rave and beer pong to Republic of Telly's Joanne McNally and her 'new show' 'Get Your Bits Out' and a hilarious live news update from Waterford Whispers News.