'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House' is already a bestseller and while author Michael Wolff is under attack from pretty much everyone mentioned in the book, including the President, he's not backing down from his claims and says we should believe everything in it.

Wolff sat down for an exclusive chat with Stephen Colbert last night and took the last night host through some of the biggest bombshells of the book, and when Colbert grilled him on the book's authenticity, Wolff doubled down and reiterated his book's foreword which describes it as "version of events I believe to be true."

The hilarious thing (if anything about this can be classed as hilarious) is that Wolff considers that book to not be all that revelatory because everything in it was already known, even telling his publisher that "There's nothing really too new in this book."

We'd almost be worried about how blasé he is except it's all very easy to believe.