This whole Irish Water thing is really not going well for the government at all, is it?

For a company that hasn't even started work yet, Irish Water has already given the government plenty of headaches, in particular after the news that they would be handing out bonuses even to staff who are underperforming

Last night, the issue was the cause of further embarrassment, but in a slightly funnier way, when Fine Gael senator Martin Conway went on Vincent Browne to discuss the issue and justify the charges that have been making headlines. His reasoning? Well, water doesn't just fall out of the sky, y'know. Wait...

We'll give Conway the benefit of the doubt and presume that it was a Freudian slip, and he is right in that the stuff that comes out of our taps doesn't just fall out of the sky; it does need to be purified, which costs money. However, he could probably have chosen a better phrase, given the fact that we do get a good bit of water falling out of the sky here in Ireland.

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