Whatever happened to throwing knickers and granny pants? Now we have kids throwing iPhones and tampons at their idols. This is getting all sorts of gross and indecent.

One Direction are still on their tour, at the moment traversing the great United States of America, and while in San Jose some fans either ran out of things to throw at the boys them seem to love so much or just have a very strange way of showing their affection as they pelted the stage with tampons. Thankfully unused, but still.

Zayn is visibly disturbed by what had been thrown at him, poor dear. If you're wondering why he's donned a sharky hockey jersey well that's because they were performing on the ice rink that the San Jose Sharks usually play on and obviously someone in the marketing department at the venue managed to wangle a major coup for themselves and probably a big fat bonus.

But back to the tampon throwing. Apparently this isn't a new development either as poor Harry Styles has been pelted with tampons for a while now. What is it with that boy and being the target of all the One Directioners attention/missiles?