Koala bears are cute in cuddly in theory but let's face it, as home invaders go, they're not exactly high on your wanted list. 

A 14 year old Australian boy named Nicholas Sneath was reading in bed when he heard some strange noises coming from outside his room. What was awaiting him was the most chilled out Koala bear you're ever likely so see. 

Nicholas' first reaction was one of fear.

"I was pretty petrified. I started to shut the door and it ran inside. I backed away to the corner of the room and it started coming toward me so I jumped up on the bed,"  he told Daily Mail Australia.

Nicholas' mother, Karena told the same publication that she and her husband were in the family room when they heard their dog growling at the intruder. 

"My husband looked down the hallway and it was just sitting there. We were laughing and shrieking and screaming all at the same time. We didn't know if it was dangerous or what was going to happen," Sneath said.

The bear eventually showed itself out of the house and climbed up a ladder and into a nearby tree.

"The whole thing only lasted ten minutes, but what a ten minutes it was!" said Karena.

We can only imagine the excitement. 

Via Mashable