Facebook have put some serious spend behind these fancy-looking tutorial videos that teach you some of the tips and tricks to make your experience more enjoyable. 

There will come a time, if there hasn't already, when you'll need to block someone on Facebook. After a break-up, perhaps, or as a result of the very awkward moment that you caused at the Christmas party that got three people (including you) suspended for six weeks. Suffice to say that restaurant won't be able to open again to the public for a while yet, but that's neither here nor there. 

When that moment does arrive and you need to know how to block someone, here's a step-by-step and incredibly fancy guide from the folks at Facebook, who have produced a very slick-looking video on the matter that should make it pretty easy to understand. 

Or how to untag those photos you thought we re really cool in the club the other night...

You can check out a few more of the videos on Facebook's YouTube page, where they'll teach you how to edit a post, and how to share with just your friends. There are no pointers on taking a great picture for a sweet profiler though, unfortunately.

Via DesignTaxi