This is quite possibly the closest you're going to get... Prepare to have a fairly hefty case of the goose pimples as you watch this lone storm chaser bunkering down in his car as a  tornado swept over him in Tupelo, Mississippi last night.

Personal highlights include the co-star of the video (that being the bloke taking the footage; the Tornado is of course the star here) announce that he "better put his seat belt on" while the car is stationary..., before he declares "Naaaw sh*t, I lost my windows."

Be warned, if you're using earphones, you're going to get the ossicles blown ourrah your head such is the volume of wind.

If you think that was dramatic, check out this newsroom having to be evacuated during a live broadcast due to the tornado touchdown... "BASEMENT NOW!"

You've got to admire his commitment to the job, what with the panicked "tornado warning!" at the end there...