Many celebrity actors and comedians have spoken about Robin Williams since he died last month, all of them fondly, all of them celebrating the size of his talent and the joy he brought into the world. Very few have spoken about the other side, the side which unfortunately won over in the end and robbed the world of one of its greatest entertainers.

Ethan Hawke, who shot to fame having worked with Williams in Dead Poets Society, however became an exception when he opened up about the pervasive sadness that he always sensed lingered behind Williams jokes to Canadian radio program Q with Jian Ghomeshi, and spoke about his experiences with that Robin Williams which most of the world never saw.

A lot of the conversation dwells on the acting rush that Hawke has 'been chasing ever since', but it turns out that all boils down to Williams, and there's a fantastic anecdote about Dead Poets Society that will leave a bittersweet grin on your face.

Via Jezebel