After heading along to see Erasure over the weekend, one man decided to start singing one of their biggest hits at the Tube station. 

While normally that would be greeted with groans and people turning away hoping that he'd stop, it turns out that Neil Francis, the man who started belting out the tune at the Kentish Town stop, is a professional singer, and decided to give it socks at the station. 

With plenty of people at the stop also having attended the concert, the whole station burst in to song, and all joined in with him too. When he eventually finishes, he gets a huge round of applause, and one woman even shouts out "don't stop!". 

The video has gone hugely viral, and even ended up on the Facebook page of Erasure's lead singer Andy Bell, and Francis couldn't be happier, as he told "The amount of comments I have had from all over the world, with people just saying it’s restored their faith in Facebook and made their Christmas, It’s just blown me away". Something tells us that he might get a few more bookings off the back of this in the coming weeks...