YouTube prankster Jack Jones was in Ireland recently, and trying out his unique brand of comedy on an unsuspecting public in Dublin.

While he showed that he has a sensitive side by handing out Creme Egg Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday, he did also get up to a few of his usual pranks like trying to get into a stranger's car to see what happens. 

His attempt to do so to one Dubliner did not end as well as he'd hoped, but makes for a decent chase scene at the end. Unfortunately we don't get to see how this one turns out, but at least we got the benefit of hearing all the swearing. Click the image to watch the video, and it has NSFW language, by the way.

He also put together a compilation of a few of his pranks and good deeds from his time in Ireland as well as from back home in London together on his page for us to enjoy and yes, the guy in the car does feature again. Bad language, click the image, you know the drill by now.

The Gardaí chose not to show the sense of humour that has made their Twitter account so famous in real life, it would seem.

Via The Irish Examiner